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Let me REALLY tell you about ARBONNE!!

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Health & Wealth Opportunities


  • Are you tired of someone else determining when you get a raise; what your workload is like; what your salary will be and when you get promoted?



  • Have you always wanted to own your own business and never had the resources to make it happen?



  • Are you at your optimal level of health; are you symptom free; are you always energized?





Arbonne International is a fulfilling opportunity that provides you access to revolutionary life changing products that feed and nourish the body from head to toe.  The sweetest part, however, is that there's an unlimited amount of earning potential just for sharing how great Arbonne is.












If you're in a 40/40/40 situation - working 40 hours a week, for 40 years and earning only 40% at retirement and you're interested in replacing that with a 2 to 4 year plan for time and financial freedom then investigate Arbonne further below.

You were made for GREATNESS!!

Whatever greatness means to you, Arbonne can help you achieve that through financial freedom and time freedom as well as helping you achieve your optimal level of health through pure, safe and beneficial products.

What does this mean?

  • You get to work from home.
  • You determine when and how often you work.
  • You determine your income.
  • You don't have to have any experience.
  • You don't have to have any employees.

How does Arbonne make this possible?

  • Allowing you to be part of a very strong, debt-free health and wellness company.
  • Giving you access to a revolutionary consumable product.
  • Offering an unbeatable compensation plan.

A look further at -

  1. Who is Arbonne International and who's the market?
  2. What are the products?
  3. How am I compensated?
  4. How am I trained and supported to be effective?

Simple Summary for Starters

Arbonne can help you have

  • Unlimited income - Financial Freedom
  • Time to enjoy yourself and your family - Time Freedom
  • The ability to help other people and make a difference in their life
Company - Strong - Integrity based
  • Had over 100% growth in 2002
  • Debt-Free
  • Stable, been in business in US for 24 years
Products - Revolutionary - People fall in love with them
  • Consumable.  Reorder rate is 80%.
  • Pure, Safe and Beneficial.
  • Botanically-based with less than 1% preservatives.
Compensation - Unlimited - You decide
  • Earn 35% to 50% from personal sales
  • Earn up to 18% in overrides from team's total wholesale volume
  • Up to $1000 a month for Mercedes-Benz
  • Travel to exotic places
Training & Support - Every step of the way - Your success is my success
  • One-on-One Personal Training
  • Online Web Training
  • Audio, Video and Other Literature
  • Conference Calls & Meetings

How am I trained and supported?

Here's the great thing about this business!!  My success is based on your success.  So you'll be trained and supported every step of the way.  This is absolutely the opposite of Corporate America.  In Corporate America do the executives teach their people how to get where they're at?
Again you're in control.  Your training is based on your goals and your time commitment.
There are 3 ways to WIN in Arbonne:

1.  As My Client

  • Extraordinary skin care, nutrition products and cosmetics
  • Excellent customer service and convenient delivery
  • Product gifts for referrals and hosting presentation

2.  As a Consultant on My Team

  • Tax advantages, low start-up cost
  • Be your own boss - create the income you desire; cash bonuses, overrides and sales incentives
  • 35% Product discount with toll-free ordering
  • Up-line support, training and achievement recognition

3.  As a Business Builder on My Team

  • Unlimited income potential
  • Mercedes-Benz car program
  • Personal and financial freedom
  • Help others achieve their goals and dreams

Which one is right for you?

Consultants get started effectively with the "Basic Training System" - a program that will establish your new business so that you begin making money immediately.

You'll be trained on how to be effective on:

  • Simple and profitable "in-home" presentations
  • Effective "one-on-one" presentations

You're trained how to do this by one-on-one personal training, on-line web training, business meetings and other reference materials.

Business Builders start their businesses strong with the Fast track-Ready, Set, Go Training System.  This training is designed to help you replace your full-time job with a full-time income from Arbonne at an accelerated pace.

You'll be trained on how to be effective on:

  • How to find people just like you to join your team.
  • People who are "open-minded", "hard working" and have the desire for more.
  • Simple and profitable "in-home" presentations
  • Effective "one-on-one" presentations
  • Approaching a prospect with:
               1. "Business opportunity"
               2.  "Product"
               3.  "Referral Prospect"

You're trained how to do this by one-on-one personal training, on-line web training, business meetings and other reference materials.

What are the products?

Arbonne's products are botanically-based; botanicals such as Alfalfa Extract, Algae Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Avocado Oil and Apple Extract to name a few.  They're pure; made without mineral oil, animal by products, dyes or fragrances.  They're safe; tested and retested on a human panel for any sensitivity.  They're beneficial; they do what they say they're going to do.  In fact Arbonne recently launched their revolutionary anti-aging products, RE9.  This skin care line actually has a US and Swiss patent pending.  In order to even be considered for a patent the products have to be one of a kind and proven to do what they claim they'll do.  These do, along with all of Arbonne's other products.

Our products are also:

  • pH correct
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Never tested on animals

The 300 product selection includes:

  • Weight Loss/Management Products
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Anti-Aging Skin Care
  • Hormonal Support Products
  • Natural Progesterone
  • Acne Products
  • Baby Care Products
  • Men's Skin Care Products
  • Sun Care




Arbonne Compared to Other Network Marketing Companies

Here's some of the differences:
Arbonne Other Companies
1) No inventory requirements.  Arbonne does not require you to have a store in your home. 1) Ask that you hold inventory in your home;         Enough to have a store.
2) Products can be sold from appointment based businesses such as doctors, chiropractors, salons, and you get a percentage of whatever the business sales. 2) Products sold on a one on one basis.  Thru one on one meetings or group parties.
3) Market is not saturated with Arbonne.  Therefore, it's new and exciting.  When you ask someone if they're familiar with Arbonne, most likely they're not, which gives the open door. 3) When a company has been around for a long period of time the market becomes saturated with that company and people are not open to hear anything you have to say because they've already heard of it.
4) Products are free of dyes, fragrances and other harmful chemicals and has less than 1% preservatives in them. 4) Most companies load their products with dyes, fragrances and a ton of preservatives.  Have you ever wondered why your lipstick has perfume in it?  Do your lips need to smell good?
5) Products are based with botanicals and other natural ingredients.  No animal-by products or mineral oil. 5) Most companies base their products with mineral oil and waste from rendering plants, which is an expensive way, but very harmful and toxic way.  There's a talo plant in Tucson.  Talo is the product of boiling uthanized cats and dogs.  They dump their entire bodies into a large pot and bring them to a boil.  The stuff that rises to the top is what they skim off - talo.

Now you can make an informed business decision.  Are you ready to take control of your time and your income?  If you are then


If not, then may all your future endeavors be filled with many blessings.


Always remember you WERE born for greatness!!

Phenomenal DivaŽ
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