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Natural Treasured Pleasures

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Hosting a Pleasure Party is a great way to get
to know us better. In addition to the fun, excitement and education that you and your friends will share, you can earn free passion products.

Pleasure Parties are designed to inform and educate women through tasteful in-home presentations. At our parties, you will have
an opportunity to experience sensual products designed to enhance your sexual relationships.

Experience the fun and excitement.
Host a Pleasure Party and your friends
will thank you for inviting them.

Earn free products
Have fun with your friends
Sex education that you didn't
get from your mother
Products for opening new lines
of communication

There are many rewards just for becoming a Hostess.  Our generous Hostess Reward Program allows a Hostess to receive lots of FREE lingerie and adult products..

Hostess Rewards On A Classic Party - Hostess Rewards, the night of the show, are based on the total sales and number of orders. With $400 in sales you will automatically receive $120 FREE, plus, $50 in bonus rewards for only $9.95. With 10 buying Guests you can add another $50 Bonus Rewards for only $9.95. That's $200 of shopping you can do for less then $20.

After The Show Booking Rewards - You can continue to receive discounts and lots of FREE Adult products and lingerie based on the bookings received at your show. For example, with three Happy Hostess Bookings that hold, you can receive another $150 in FREE Product!.

Hostess Reward Program









$200 - $249

$65 Free



$250 - $299

$75 Free



$300 - $349

$100 Free



$350 - $399

$110 Free



$400 - $449

$120 Free



$450 - $499

$130 Free



$500 - $549

$140 Free



$550 - $599

$150 Free



$600 - $649

$160 Free



$650 - $699

$170 Free



This Hostess Program is offered on a Classic Show. Please speak with your Consultant for details.

Where everyday is a special day!!