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Almost everyone involved with Young Living talks about "high quality" and "high standards"... but what does it all mean?

If you're like me, you want to be proud of what you sell. You want to be able to say to your customers, “you simply can’t get a better, safer, purer oil anywhere else”... and be confident it's the truth.

I can tell you from personal experience: it’s a great relief to know my products live up to the claims I make about them. I never have to feel guilty selling products that disappoint my customers who have put their trust in me.

Integrity means everything to me. If I had to worry about the quality of what I'm selling... I would quit. My heart wouldn't be in it. My work would become a burden rather than a joy.

Young Living has set the standard, leaving other essential oil companies far behind and struggling to keep up.

Apparently, D. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, is driven by a need to create products that are superior to others in the same class... and he has succeeded through his own determination. Gary oversees every step of the manufacturing process. He insists on rigorous testing and higher standards at every turn.

Now, you could say Gary is an obsessive perfectionist, but he has certainly channeled this trait in a way that’s been rewarding to everyone involved. It is because of him that all Young Living distributors can maintain unwavering confidence in everything we market.

You also don't have to worry about competitive products, because quite simply, there aren't any.

In addition to the essential oils and oil blends, Young Living offers a full line of personal care products, nutritional supplements, pet products and non-toxic household cleaning solutions.

Having such a complete and abundant product line gives you lots of opportunities to introduce new items to your customers on a regular basis. Young Living continues to come out with new products every year. You’ll never get bored, and neither will your customers. To see the full Young Living product offerings click here.

Here’s what makes the Young Living product lines stand apart.

  • Superior raw materials...  organically grown herbs and aromatic plants...
  • Pure all-naturally ingredients... and the absence of all harmful synthetic additives and petrochemicals.
  • Earth-friendly processing methods... raw materials are lightly and carefully handled to prevent loss of their therapeutic value, to avoid waste and save energy.
  • Advanced manufacturing methods. Gary Young himself designed the distillation equipment that turns raw plant materials into pure essential oils. He is equally concerned with the methods used to produce the nutritional and herbal supplements, personal and skin care products, and cleaning products.
  • Rigorous testing and rating standards. All Young Living essential oils are tested and rated according to the most stringent standards in the world, which are set by AFNOR(Association of French Normalization Organization Regulations), one of the most reliable indicators of essential oil quality. Young Living is one of few (if any) U.S. companies that use the AFNOR standard on ALL their oils.

Now let's talk about price...

As you may have guessed by now, Young Living prices reflect their high quality. Those who have already been exposed to healthy organic products from places like Whole Foods Market or from their neighborhood health food stores will not be put off by the cost. They have already made the choice of quality and organic ingredients over cheap prices.

Here's what's interesting: This market segment is one of the fastest growing in the nation at this very moment!

This market understands the difference between pure organic products and the more typical, mass-produced merchandise sold by big chain retail stores. They’ve already made a commitment to living healthier. No price will seem too high if they are convinced of the benefits.

These are customers tailor-made for Young Living. Just showing them the product literature and giving them samples will be enough to spark their interest and desire.

Another huge and fast-growing market...

There is also a large segment of the buying public who have some knowledge of healthful products, but not quite enough... who are curious, but inexperienced... who want to improve their lives with healthier all-natural organic products, but haven’t made the full commitment to do it. Price will still be a factor, and you will have to offer proof and convincing evidence to get them to make their first purchase. But many in this market segment have turned out to be our most loyal, long-lasting and enthusiastic colleagues.

Bottom line? There is a huge and hungry market for the high-caliber, health and lifestyle-enhancing products that Young Living offers. But you must also understand that some people will never be convinced to buy them. This is a simple reality of life when you're in business. If one prospect turns you down, you just move on to the next.

We have to face the fact that some people will throw hundreds of dollars a year into the slot machines at Las Vegas, but balk at the idea of paying $16 for a bottle of massage oil that could help relieve their pain and make them feel good. But we all have personal preferences about where and how we spend money. The sooner you understand how to search out the market that is already hungry for your products... the sooner you can become successful in your own business!

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