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Republic of Tea

Chamomile Lemon

Surrender to Sleep Herb Tea--Chamomile is blended with lemon balm, linden flowers and orange blossoms to produce a fragrant, and soothing cup. These and other potent botanicals surrender a most sweet and tranquil tea - delighting the palate, body and mind.
(36 Tea Bags)

Cardamon Cinnamon

Warm the Heart Herb Tea--Native to shadier regions of India and Ceylon, cardamom has the gentle, airy taste of the forest itself--reminiscent of ginger with pine. Cinnamon adds a spicy depth to this stimulating brew.
(36 Tea Bags)

Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea

Rich in antioxidants, naturally caffeine free. Rooibos is indigenous to South Africa, often referred to as Cape of Good Hope. We offer a blend of Rooibos sweet vanilla beans with a hint of cream.
(36 Tea Bags)

Orange Blossom White Tea

The Flower of Love. Highly scented orange blossoms are full of essential oils and are traditionally used as adornments in wedding ceremonies. The blossoms impart an invigorating citrus note to this supreme White Tea, creating the ultimate cup.
(50 Tea Bags)

Spring Cherry

Beginner"s Mind Tea--The fresh essence of cherries and sweet taste of sencha leaves is welcoming introduction to green tea. Rose petals and white paklum (rare, white tea buds) add a sweet, floral note.
(50 Tea Bags)

Ginger Peach

"Longevity Tea"--Our best-selling tea has the sweet lushness of a fancy peach with spicy ginger. Voted "Outstanding Beverage" by the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade.
(50 Tea Bags)

Plus Dozens More of Your Favorite Teas!

A message from

Do you know what a tea leaf looks like? Although tea is the most imbibed beverage in the world (after good ole aqua purea, of course), most have never experienced the flavor of a true cup of full-leaf tea, brewed from simple, natural, whole leaves.

It is our purpose to open the road to this rich experience. The Republic of Tea sells full-leaf tea because it's simply better tasting and much more diverse in its range of subtle flavors than the cut leaves or tea dust you will find in most tea bags. And brewing fresh whole leaves is as easy as boiling water.

Our finest teas are made from hand-picked young shoots, the two leaves and bud that sprout from the very tip of the evergreen Camellia bush, which produce the most flavorful cup. The whole leaves retain their unique essential oils and are full-bodied and deliciously aromatic.

When brewed, fine tea leaves unfold luxuriantly in fresh hot water, offering up their complex characters at a gentle pace. These leaves produce wonderful cups that can delight and pleasure the senses. Our Moroccan Mint tea, for example, is blended from fragrant mint and "gunpowder" tea leaves, which are tightly rolled into pellets that retain essential oils for more flavor and aroma. When the brewed leaves unfurl, it is surprising to see how large and full the leaves are, to smell the rich cool scent, and to taste their distinctively fresh flavor.

Traveling to the misty green tea gardens in Asia and India, The Republic of Tea seeks out only the best unblended, estate-grown leaves. Our special find Rare Teas and Limited Editions may not always be available, because fine tea is not mass grown, but nurtured on small family estates. These teas are the product of expert cultivation and perfect timing with varied and unique characteristics similar to those of truly interesting wines. However, the one drawback of these much sought after teas is that when they're gone-they're gone.

With our passion for healthy tea, we work directly with tea growers to produce the finest leaves in the world. Our Certified Organically Grown Full-Leaf Estate Teas and Herb Blends, are fresh hand-harvested teas, herbs, flowers and spices, grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides, using only sustainable interdependent farming methods. These exquisite prized teas are all Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.

Like our teas, our caffeine-free herbal infusions give up their essences best as whole natural elements. To make these exceptional blends, we use fresh, hand-picked herbs and botanicals to create blends that are more complex and varied than others you will find.

When we set out to form our small Republic, our not so covert mission was to create a Tea Revolution. Our purpose is to enrich people's lives through the experience of fine tea and the Sip by Sip life - a life of health, balance and well-being. From the beginning, tea has been a drink that is shared with others. Around the world, at high tea in Devonshire and age-old ceremonies in Japan, tea is brewed and taken together with friends and family in rituals of hospitality and nourishment for both body and soul. Here at our e-Embassy, you'll find many ways to get to know tea anew, through a selection that will educate, inspire and communicate the quality, benefits, values and lifestyle that is The Republic of Tea.

Phenomenal DivaŽ
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