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Discover Kiotis

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Discover the Business Opportunity

KIOTIS, a Brand with Universal Values
Kiotis brings women together through Direct Selling. Following its 2001 launch in France, Kiotis has since been introduced in the USA, followed by Italy, and now Mexico as well.
When it comes to beauty, well-being, and quality, the entire world trusts Kiotis. Kiotis.
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Join a Rapidly Expanding Brand.
Kiotis offers you exciting opportunities for both professional and personal development. If you wish to go further with us, welcome... !
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About Kiotis:

Beauty Through Essential Oils..

We need Beauty Counselors in every state!!!

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KIOTIS -  Discover Beauty through Well-Being

KIOTIS was created by Jacques Romain Rocher.

KIOTIS is based on Aromalogy, the science of aromas and the study of the benefits of Essential Oils.

With KIOTIS, Aromalogy is the center of Well-Being because it blends the ancient virtues of 100% Pure Essential Oils with modern cosmetology.

With over a 100 products, KIOTIS offers every woman the pleasure to live her own beauty and her own Well-Being with simplicity, to feel in perfect harmony with herself and her body. Essential OilsWhat are Essential Oils? Essential Oils are concentrated, non-oily and highly fragrant essences extracted from the barks, flowers, fruits, grasses, leaves and resins and roots of aromatic plants and trees.  These oils are usually captured by steam distillation. This process of capturing the essence of the plant has been dated to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Essential oils have long been revered for their fragrant and therapeutic value. Aromalogy uses the benefits of essential oils to balance the mind, body and spirit.

Join KIOTIS - Become an Independent Beauty CounselorJoin the Yves Rocher Direct Selling team. Earn great compensation, rewards and the opportunity to win exciting trips!  You may earn profits of up to 100% on the sale of KIOTIS products.Please e-mail  me to welcome you to the Yves Rocher Direct Selling team. It's simple to join. Together, we will discuss any questions or concerns you have and we will review and complete the Independent Counselor's Agreement Form. With the purchase of your Yves Rocher Sales Kit for $100.00 (A Retail Value of $433!) you will receive everything you need to begin hosting your own Beauty Sessions and start selling immediately.  Currently, this program is only available in the United States and Puerto Rico.

You are welcome to join me for one of my scheduled Discover KIOTIS Information and Beauty Sessions. Please contact me for place, date and time. I'd love to see you there!