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KIOTIS, a Brand with Universal Values Kiotis brings women together through Direct Selling. Following its 2001 launch in France, Kiotis has since been introduced in the USA, followed by Italy, and now Mexico as well. When it comes to beauty, well-being, and quality, the entire world trusts Kiotis. Join a Rapidly Expanding Brand. Kiotis offers you exciting opportunities for both professional and personal development. If you wish to go further with us, we welcome you!


Enter with Kiotis into the world of active cosmetics with essential oils, and discover oils of beauty and the pleasure of feeling alive.

Kiotis, based on Aromalogy—a sensitive and generous science—is the art of living beauty through simple routines and through the physiological and psychological benefits of essential oils.

About the Yves Rocher and Kiotis Foundation

Protected Species                     arnica

Since 1996 the Foundation has been committed to saving the Arnica Montana, which blooms in the high altitudes of the Black Forest’s Baden Wurtemburg mountainous region.
A lack of pastoral lands is stunting the development of the Arnica montana plant species. In collaboration with the region’s Environmental and Agricultural Ministry, the Foundation supports forest workers’ and farmers’ efforts to preserve the plant’s natural habitat.

In addition a movement is underway to lobby for a natural reserve.

Boundless nature

The Foundation provides on site protection of endangered plant species on Juan Fernandez Islands off the coast of Chile.

Juan Fernandez Islands, made famous as the backdrop to the Robinson Crusoe tale, have undergone a period of biological imbalance.

Declared a heritage territory by UNESCO, several of its native plants, such as sandalwood, have already been wiped out.

Since 1998, the Foundation has supported the scientific and botanical expeditions of Philippe Danton who works to inventory and sanctuary the island’s biodiversity.

Based on his efforts, Danton has reintroduced a rare, delicate orchid called Gavilea insularis, missing from the landscape for over a century. 


Gardens can reveal the secrets of a region’s natural history. The Foundation has taken an interest in several botanical, historical and medicinal gardens throughout the world.

By offering consultation, expertise, and financial support, over 20 such gardens have flourished.
Among them, the gardens of La Gacilly, The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, the Bois-Richeux farm, and Italy’s Assisi dens.


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