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Botantical Glossary

plant charter

Kiotis and Yves Rocher Essential oils Yves Rocher Kiotis Guide

Yves Rocher and Kiotis: Whenever possible, use parts of a plant that easily grow back: the leaves, flowers and fruits rather than the stems and roots. 150 active plant ingredients are used to formulate our products. There are two types of plant ingredients.

riche creme

  • Plant molecules resulting from the merging of science and nature:100% botanical hormones in Sérum Végétal; Early botanical DNA in the two A.D.N. Cell Revitalizing treatments; or the Botanical Osmolytes in the Bio Spécific Rehydration range.An essential oil is a concentrated, hydrophobicliquid containing volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants. It may be produced by distillation, expression, or solvent extraction. Essential oils are used in perfumery, aromatherapy, cosmetics, incense, medicine, household cleaning products, and for flavoring food and drink. They are valuable commodities in the fragrance and food industries.
  • Active plant substances extracted by traditional ethnobotanical methods,like the precious plant oils, rich in active anti-aging ingredients, used in Riche Crème skin care, and Arnica Chamissonis, whose calming and protective action performs wonders in Arnica Essentiel hand creams.

    The Yves Rocher Laboratories have developed FRESH EXTRAXTION an exclusive, 100% natural ecological procedure to extracting the soothing, moisturizing, and protective active ingredients in their purest and most active form to ensure high perfomance for the skin.Lavender Essential oil is also known as volatile oil and ethereal oil. It may also be referred to as "oil of" the raw plant material from which it was extracted, such as oil of clove.

    Whenever possible, we use parts of a plant that easily grow back: the leaves, flowers and fruits rather than the stems and roots. We encourage organic harvesting, which enhances the purity of our extracts and respects the environment.

  • By avoiding chemical products and recycling natural organic materials, we cultivate plants at La Gacilly that earn the “product of organic harvesting” label.

  • We never use plant species that are endangered or on the verge of extinction, and we favor a fair-trade approach.

  • We avoid any use of endangered species rather than waiting for them to be officially declared off-limits for commercial use.

  • Some plant species are rare or difficult to grow. That is why we use related species when they offer the same cosmetic qualities.

    Adapted from: 

    Plants for cosmetic use
    ALMOND OIL rich in essential fatty acids to moisturize dry skin. A sweet pleasant fragrance.  A fine, rich moisturizing oil that does not leave the skin feeling greasy or tacky.  Softens the skin and promotes a clear young looking complexion without clogging pores.  Especially recommended for mature and aging skin.


    APRICOT KERNEL OIL contains vitamins and minerals beneficial to the skin. A softening, emollient oil excellent for all skin types, especially for those with sensitive skin.


    ARNICA is also commonly called leopard's bane. The arnica plant has a bright yellow, daisy-like flower that blooms around July. Preparations made from the flowering heads have been used in homeopathic medicine for hundreds of years. It is popular in Germany and over 100 drug preparations are made from the plant. It is typically rubbed on the skin to soothe and heal bruises, sprains, and relieve irritations from trauma, arthritis and muscle or cartilage pain. Applied as a salve, arnica is also good for chapped lips, irritated nostrils and acne.

    Arnica Yves Rocher Kiotis Botanical Plant


    AVOCADO OIL is an ultra rich oil, a delightful treasure containing high amounts of Vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E. Also contains amino acids, sterols, pantothenic acid, lecithin, and other essential fatty acids. Highly prized to those with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and other skin ailments. Avocado oil is a relatively thick and rich oil that may be diluted with other carrier oils to work its consistency. Highly recommended to those with sensitive skin, problem skin and other irritations that require vitamin rich oil.

    CAMELIA OIL has excellent skin restructuring and moisturizing virtues. This oil is great for use in emollient cremes for around the eyes, softening hand creams, restructuring creams for damaged skin, moisturizing creams for the face, neck or other dry skin, and most all products for normal and mature skin. Used as a skin tonic to prevent premature age related wrinkles and as a tonic for dry or damaged hair.


    Yves Rocher Chamimile crops are grown in La Gacilly, France. Fresh chamimile found in the Pure Calmille line is the product of a cultivation method that is free of synthetic chemical products. Chamomile is one of the oldest garden herbs, whose reputation as a medicinal plant shows little signs of abatement. Considered a universal remedy by the ancient Egyptians, Chamomile continues to be used today to battle illness, promote calm and relieve anxiety at bedtime.
    Yves Rocher Kiotis Chamimile Crops
    Today, Witch Hazel is used to remedy the same conditions as our grandmothers recommended for the treatment of burns, scalds, and inflammatory conditions of the skin, hemorrhoids, and internal bleeding. A lint bandage of Witch Hazel has been used to staunch the flow of blood from a burst varicose vein. It can also be used to soothe insect and mosquito bites.


    COCOA BUTTER moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin while providing a protective layer to hold moisture to the skin.
    Cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil, is the edible natural fat of the cacao bean, extracted during the process of making chocolate and cocoa powder. Cocoa butter has only a mild chocolate flavor and aroma.



    COCONUT OIL, a very rich emollient used to smooth and protect the skin in all seasons.   Coconut oil will not only bring temporary relief to the skin, but it will aid in healing and repairing.  It will have lasting benefits, unlike most lotions.  It can help bring back a youthful appearance.  The coconut oil will aid in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, making the skin smoother. The skin will become more evenly textured with a healthy "shine".  While doing this the coconut oil will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and strengthen the underlying tissues.


    Origin: France, Extraction: Yellow leaves, young branches, and cones, Scent: Woody dry.
    Nourishing Day/Night Cream Confort Visage Line: Firming

    "Cupressus comes from the name of a young Greek herder transformed by Apollo into a cypress tree. Sempervirens means ‘always green.’ Its wood is practically rot-proof. This is why the pharaohs, after mummification, were buried in sarcophagi made of cypress wood. In Asia, traditional medicine esteemed it as one of the most important remedies."


    FLAX SEED OIL is high in vitamin E and rich in essential fatty acids which directly take part in the regulation of skin permeability. It has skin restructuring and moisturizing properties and stimulates cellular regeneration.






    GRAPESEED OIL a very light and non-greasy oil that contains essential fatty acids and vitamins and minerals. An excellent moisturizer for all skin types and is often used for dry or mature skins. Very beneficial for skin that is dehydrated and under nourished. It is said to help with regeneration of the skin and softening of the tissue. It has wonderful emollient properties, making it excellent for use in all massage blends, lotions, soaps and creams.




    HAZELNUT OIL contains essential fatty acids including linoleic acid. It is one of the most unsaturated vegetable oils and is highly penetrative and fine textured. It has great moisturizing qualities which makes it a good choice to include when mixing a massage oil or preparing a carrier blend. Helps to tone and tighten the skin while strengthening capillaries and assisting in cell regeneration. Has good astringent qualities and is said to help maintain the skin's firmness and elasticity. Good for facial blends for oily or combination skin.


    Origin: Ethiopia, Extraction: Resin, Scent: Woody dry.
    Offrande Tibétaine Line: Warm and stimulating scent, conducive to concentration.

    "The oldest historical reference to incense goes back to the fifteenth century B.C., under the reign of the Queen Hatchepsout. Burned by almost all religions since High Antiquity, incense is conducive to concentration and meditation."



    Origin: Mediterranean Basin, Extraction: Flowers, Scent: Floral sweet.
    "Coeur de Fleur" Eau de Toilette: Flowery and sensual scent .

    "Jasmine gets its name from Yasmine, a young Persian princess. The Spanish brought the plant back to Europe from the Indies. The flowers are used there to prepare a sweet syrup and perfumed oils for the hair. They are also used to make necklaces that are offered as a welcome gesture to friends and to honor certain divinities."


    JOJOBA OIL contains proteins, minerals and compounds similar to natural collagen. Acts as a humectant and creates a protective film to hold moisture in.


    Origin: France,
    Extraction: Flowers,
    Scent: Floral aromatic.

    Freshness Foot Bath Tablets Galet Fraîcheur Pieds: Antiseptic-soothing "Kiotis pour Homme" Eau de Toilette: Aromatic scent.
    Lavender is one of a few oils (with caution), which can be applied directly on to the skin, or added to a flower water or massage oil for a refreshing soothing tonic.


    LAVENDER has a balancing effect on your skin. Lavender reduces the excess oil in oily skin, and helps cell regeneration in aging skin. Lavender also kills the bacteria that causes acne and is a great for all skin types.
    Origin: Sault (France), Extraction: Flowers, Scent:Floral fresh.
    FreshFraîcheur Deodorant: Antiseptic
    Fresh Foot Fraîcheur Pieds Line: Antiseptic-calming
    Gentle Moisturizing Douceur Line: Antiseptic-calming
    Nourishing Confort Body LotionMilk: Antiseptic-smoothing
    St Remy de Provence Line: Sunny Freshness
    Relaxation Line: Relaxing
    "Soft, soothing, and very polyvalent, the essential oil of lavender has been appreciated since ancient times for its multiple medicinal properties as well as cosmetic and perfuming properties. It is considered as ‘a must’ among the essential oils. At the beginning of the last century, chemist perfumer René Gattefossé burned his hand. After dipping it in pure lavender oil, he discovered—to his great surprise—that the burn healed quickly and without infection or scarring."


    Pur Désir de Lavande

    Origin: Italy, Extraction: Peel of the fruit, Scent: Fruity fresh

    Ultra Pure Line: Antiseptic-astringent
    Vitality Line: Stimulating-revitalizing
    "Plaisir de Fruit" Eau de Toilette: Fresh scent.

    " Cultivated for thousands of years from India to China, the lemon tree was spread by Arabs in the tenth century throughout Egypt and Palestine. The lemon enjoyed a great reputation among Roman, Greek, and Arab doctors, who used it as an antidote to venom and poison and as a preventive element against epidemics. Since 1965, the lemon has been listed in the French pharmacopoeia."


    MACADAMIA NUT OIL one of the only plant oils that contains high amounts of palmitoleic acid, which is also normally found in the sebum of man, and therefore has great affinity to the skin. It is very emollient, and is beneficial for dry and aging skin where sebum production has reduced. It is readily absorbed and helps to soften the skin. Is said to help reduce fine lines when used in facial massage and is good to include in a base massage oil blend.


    Origin: Italy, Extraction: Peel of the fruit, Scent: Fruity fresh sweet.
    "Tendre Bourgeon" Eau de Toilette: Fresh scent, soft and sweet.

    "The mandarin has been cultivated for centuries in Asia. It was introduced in Europe 400 years after the introduction of the orange. In 1805, the first mandarin trees arrived in Provence. Popular medicine recommends mandarin to fight insomnia, anxiety, and nausea."


    PEPPERMINT (Mentha peperita) contains many medicinal properties. It is also aromatic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial.   It has an over-all cooling affect on the skin.
    Origin: France, Extraction: The entire plant, Scent: Aromatic fresh
    Vitality Line: Stimulating-revitalizing

    "Mint attracted our attention since very early on, especially the attention of the Egyptians and Hebrews, probably for the sensation of freshness that it gives. Hippocrates—who recognized its stimulating and diuretic properties—used it medicinally."


    Origin: Morocco, Extraction: Flowers, leaves, and branches, Scent: Green minty
    Pureté Line: Purifying
    Renewing Jeunesse Line: Firming

    "Its branches were the symbol of youth and beauty in ancient Egypt. From Dioscorides, a Greek doctor, to Minarix in 1876, it was prescribed as an astringent for lung and bladder inflammations, and to fortify the stomach.
    Distillation of the flowers and leaves yields ‘l’eau d'ange’ (angel water), a tonic and astringent lotion that was one of the most renowned beauty products of the sixteenth century."


    Origin: Tunisia, Extraction: Flowers, Scent: Floral fruity.
    Confort Nourishing Body MilkLotion: Antiseptic-calming
    Renewing Jeunesse Line: Firming

    "The essential oil of neroli, renowned for its fragrant and therapeutic properties, has been used since the beginning of the sixteenth century. In 1554 in Venice, Matthiole prescribed it for skin diseases. Later, it was also discovered to have a calming effect and therefore recommended to fight insomnia, nervous disorders, and neurasthenia."



    Origin: Italy, Extraction: Peel of the fruit, Scent: Fruity sweet. Ultra-Pureté Plus Line: Antiseptic-astringent

    "History only began recognizing the medicinal properties of the orange in the sixteenth century! Nevertheless, it is a good remedy against insomnia (one of several for children), it effectively fights stomachaches in infants, and it reduces cardiac spasms and palpitations as well as dermatosis."


    Origin: Paraguay, Extraction: Leaves, Scent: Woody green
    Nourishing Confort Lip Balm: Antiseptic
    Nourishing Confort Hand Creamare: Antiseptic
    Relaxation Line: Relaxing

    "In the same way as neroli and orange oils, orange tree leaf oil has been widely used in the perfume industry and therapeutics. It treated rheumatisms, respiratory infections, acne, and boils. One infusion of sour orange tree leaves is often recommended in popular medicine to calm nervousness."


    PALMA ROSA has floral, rose and geranium like scent with a sweet honey undertone. Palma Rosa has been used since antiquity. It was transported on ships from Bombay to Constantinople.  It is an antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, moisturizing and an over-all excellent skin tonic.  Valuable for all treatments of the skin by stimulating cell regeneration and acting as a moisturizer.


    PALM STEARIC ACID is a natural vegetable fatty acid derived from the palm tree. It gives softness and pearliness to cremes and lotions.

    Origin: China, Extraction: Leaves and stems, Scent: Green flowery spicy. Pureté ScrubPeeling / Mask: Antiseptic-purifying
    "Kiotis Homme" EDT: Aromatic scent

    "The use of rosa geranium as a perfume or a medicinal plant dates back to the beginning of the nineteenth century, when the demand and price for the essential oils of the rose was very high. In medicine, the geranium has been widely used to treat injuries, ulcers, and dermatological problems."


    Origin: Bulgaria and Turkey, Extraction: Flowers, Scent: Floral
    Gentle Douceur LineMoisturizing Line: Astringent and Tonic
    "Cueille le Jour" Eau de Parfum: Fresh and voluptuous scent.

    "The history of the rose is as old as the world itself. Several bouquets of roses have been discovered still intact inside the sarcophagus of Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Theophrastus, Dioscorides, and Galenus spoke highly of the tonic and astringent properties of the rose. But Arab doctors in particular, such as Avicenna, spread its use as well as the first detailed information about its essential oils. Up to the end of the nineteenth century, the rose was listed in the Codex and in various pharmacopoeias."


    ROSEMARY OLEORESIN EXTRACT is a powerful antioxidant and is an excellent defense for the typical symptoms of the aging process such as ages spot or hyperpigmentation, thickening, wrinkling, melanoma and other skin cancers are believed to be accelerated by the accumulation of peroxides in epidermal tissues, produced by environmental factors of heat and UV radiation from the sun, which is the primary cause of melanoma and sunburn. Rosemary is also antibacterial and antimicrobial. 


    Origin: Mysore (India), Extraction: Wood, Scent: Woody warm
    Nourishing Day/Night CreamConfort Visage: Firming
    Soirée à Madras: Perfuming, voluptuous, and sweet
    Restoring Dynamique Line: Firming

    "Ancient Sanskrit and Chinese manuscripts mention sandalwood. Its oil was used as early as the ninth century in Ceylon for embalming the bodies of princes and nobles. Avecenne, Mesue, Constantine the African, and later Marco Polo spoke about its many uses in medicine. The Hindus appreciated and used it as perfume and medicine, especially as a tonic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory for the skin."


    Origin: Southern Europe, Extraction: Leaves, Scent: Green aromatic. Restoring Dynamique Line: Firming

    "Clary sage has been cultivated since antiquity and was almost as renowned as its close relative, the Salvia officinalis. Clary sage was used in the Middle Ages to sharpen vision, which is the origin of its name ‘clary.’ In 1652, British herbalist Nicolas Culpeper recommended a decoction of clary sage seeds to help remove splinters and thorns."


    SHEA BUTTER also known as Karite, has been used sparingly as an ingredient in expensive French moisturizers since the 1930's.This rich, unrefined butter and oil contain fatty acids, Vitamin K, and phytosterols, making each an excellent moisturizing soother for dry irritated skins. Vitamin K helps strengthen weak capillaries which can lead to the skin condition of Rosacea. Vitamin K also helps reduce dark circles around the eyes by increasing circulation to remove stagnant lymph, toxins and blood.


    Origin: Madagascar, Extraction: Flowers, Scent: Flowery voluptuous
    "Coeur de Fleur" Eau de Toilette: Generous flowery scent

    "The coconut oil in which the flowers of the ylang-ylang were macerated was often used in times past by natives for skin and hair care, as well as against rashes, insect bites, animal bites, and fevers—especially malaria and typhus."


    VEGETABLE EMULSIFYING WAX is a safe, vegetable alternative to emulsification instead of dangerous chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate.